Uit Nederlands Vrije Scientologen
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Welcome on the Website of the Free Scientologists in Netherland & East-Belgium

For more info click in the left panel on Nederlands Freie Scientologen Gebruikersportaal.

An extensiv German language site can be found under www.FreieScientologen.de.

A smaller English language site can be found under english.FreieScientologen.de.

Everyone with good intentions and who basically agrees with our website is invited to create here and write further dutch articles or insert pictures to the site. The editing is free for users with an account and follows the same rules like in Wikipedia

When you like to translate articles from this or the German site into your language, speakt with us. We will be happy to publish another site with your language.

And of course, you are welcomed to get in comm with us: we are auditing and studying per L. Ron Hubbards Standard Tech, how he left the tech behind, when he was still there in the 70ies.

Raadpleeg de handleiding voor informatie over het gebruik van de wikisoftware.